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More information about Hot Dip Galvanizing

Benefit of Galvanizing.

1 – Long life

Galvanizing provides an easy to clean surface which can give a maintenance-free life of over 80 years and can be used in  the hardest environments

2 – Competitive first cost

For many applications the cost of hot dip galvanizing is lower than applying Paint or composite coatings. The reason is simple: alternatives – particularly painting – are very labour intensive compared with galvanizing which is a highly mechanized, closely controlled factory process.

3 – Lowest lifetime cost

There are bonuses from no maintenance or extended maintenance intervals: fewer problems of access in remote areas, difficult terrain; also when there are safety restrictions (e.g. high-voltage electrical networks  500KV).

4 – Speed of application

A full protection coating can be applied in hours; a complicated paint system can require a week.

5 – Complete coverage

Because it is formed by dipping steel in molten zinc, all parts of the surface of the steel are coated – inside, outside, awkward corners, and narrow gaps

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